Features, Tech Specs and Product Care

Features and Properties of Architectural Signs and Accessibility Signs

Why have UnikVizual become the preferred option in accessibility signage?
  • UnikVizual has high standards and they exceed the national accessibility signage standards of the UK, the USA, Canada, Europe, Balkan and of course Australia.
  • Texts and graphics on accessibility signage from UnikVizual are sub-surface, which means that it is impossible to pick off or remove any Braille or tactile lettering and images.
  • Accessibility signs from UnikVizual are easily cleaned and comply with all health regulations, making them the perfect solution for high traffic areas such as schools, hospitals, and public bathrooms.
  • UnikVizual accessibility signs are safe and have a ‘Gold Standard.’ For more information about our ASTM fire and smoke ratings please contact us.
  • UnikVizual accessibility signage is versatile and can accommodate almost any graphic imaginable, resulting in not only a functional accessibility sign, but also an aesthetically pleasing one too.

UnikVizual Accessibility Signage Technical Specifications

At UnikVizual, we use the highest quality material in the design of our accessibility and architectural signs. All accessibility signs are produced using high quality polycarbonate as the first surface. This surface is then combined with multi-layer system, a technique unique to UnikVizual. This results in versatile accessibility signs that are sealed and can be used for many purposes in a number of public facilities.
  • UnikVizual signs meet all the necessary requirements and specifications of the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).
  • UnikVizual signs meet and exceed UK, Europe and Australia Disabilities Discrimination Act requirements.
  • UnikVizual signs also meet and exceed CSA accessibility standards and Ontarians with Disabilities Act in Canada.
  • Every graphic, image or piece of text is sub-surface, which means you cannot pick off, scratch, or tamper with the sign’s graphics and text.
  • The accessibility sign’s surface is finished in matte and has a non-glare material.
  • UnikVizual accessibility signs are safe. All raised images and letters have soft edges, reducing the risk of hurt fingertips.
  • Cleaning accessibility signs from UnikVizual is easy and dirt and bacteria can be easily wiped away using isopropyl alcohol or any citrus-based cleaning product.
  • Accessibility signs are fire safe with NFPA 255 surface burning characteristics. Signs have a flame spread index of 15 and a smoke developed index of 110. All signs are Level 1, Class A rated and are self-extinguishing signs.
  • Pencil hardness: H (ASTM D3363-92)
  • Shear strength: High
  • Images and sign text are fade resistant.
  • No surface paint on signs ensures that all signs are peel-free and chip-proof.

UnikVizual Characteristics & Product Care

All accessibility signs by UnikVizual are carefully produced using revolutionary polycarbonate signage material which acts as the first sign layer that is within a multi-layer system. The final sign result is a versatile accessibility sign that is sealed and protected. UnikVizual exports accessibility signs for the disabled worldwide to the EU, the UK, and of course at home in Balkan.
  • UnikVizual fulfills and exceeds all the specifications and requirements of the Australian Disability Discrimination Act, 1995 for Braille and tactile signage (grade 1). These accessibility signage specifications include correct kerning, exact height requirements of Braille and tactile elements, correct colour contrasting, font selection, and a matte surface for a reduced glare.
  • All accessibility signage graphics and texts are sub-surface, which means that they cannot be picked or peeled off, scratched, and tampered with.
  • UnikVizual is an Balkan manufacturer of signs that are ideal for high-traffic areas as they are both vandal-resistant and can also be cleaned easily with cleaners and chemical disinfectants without causing damage to the sign’s surface. It is even possible to easily remove spray paint and graffiti with a citrus-based cleaning product for signs or petroleum-based solvent.
  • The raised letters and pictograms of accessibility signs have soft edges that will not cause harm to a person’s fingertips.
  • Fire retarding: The accessibility signs are produced in line with the USA National Fire Protection Association 225.
  • Flame spread index: 15
  • Smoke developed index: 110 (Level 1, Class A). UnikVizual signs are self-extinguishing.
  • Hardness: H (ASTM D3363-92)
  • Strength quality: High
  • Accessibility sign graphics and text are fade resistant.
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