Wayfinding Systems

What does ‘Wayfinding’ mean?

‘Wayfinding’ is another term for navigation. The idea behind a wayfinding system is to improve an area by guiding people to and from their destination via an easy-to-understand wayfinding system.

A wayfinding system can be more than just the signage itself. It can also include:

When a wayfinding program has been developed properly it helps users:

  • Know their location
  • Identify their destination
  • Choose and follow the best route
  • Recognise when they have arrived at their destination
  • Return safely back to their starting point

The main goal of a wayfinding system is to help achieve all the accessibility needs of visually impaired people and other special user groups.

A wayfinding system can help visually impaired users, disabled people, and other groups of people accurately navigate a number of different areas such as schools, hospitals, shopping centres, public bathrooms, downtown areas, and public spaces. At UnikVizual, we focus on sign design, flexibility and functionality that is attractive and answers a number of wayfinding and signage problems.

Wayfinding Process

A person’s navigational and accessibility needs is our number one priority. To develop a successful wayfinding signage programme a number of collaborative phases must be taken:

The wayfinding consultants at UnikVizual have a long and excellent track record when it comes to delivering high quality successful wayfinding projects. The combination of consultation skills, design expertise and fabrication help us to successfully serve target industry sectors.

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